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Best Hairdresser in Billingham

You won’t be disappointed with the hairstyle our Hairdresser gives you, you’ll leave Beauty And Fashion looking and feeling wonderful, all set for any event that’s thrown your way. Services include haircuts, curling, perms, colour and highlights, so whatever vision you want to rock, we’ve got you covered. Everything we do revolves around hair: no matter the service, our skilled stylists will be here to provide, no matter the request or job size.

Want a Sleek, Shiny Look?

Choose between any haircut - a classic bob, a sleek pixie cut, dramatic layers or a just a general trim - and we will provide remarkable maintenance and care on your hair. Even if it's just a speedy trim, make this part of your consistent maintenance routine and your hair will thank you for it! Get nourishing, more resistant hair with our hot scissors treatment. It protects hair from frizzing and becoming dry by sealing ends as they’re cut, keeping split ends away longer. With voluminous, bright hair as a result of the hot scissors, you can select between a classic or a stylish cut, and walk away looking and feeling fantastic.

Our Process is Quick and Easy

Our treatment process depends entirely on your specific demands, so just give us a ring today and tell us about which hair service you’d like and why, and we can recommend the perfect treatment for you, as well as providing you with a no-obligation quote. Once we’ve booked you in, all you have to do is show up, relax and let the professionals guide your inner beauty to the surface!

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